About Us



has been created in Lue, NSW, Australia in April 2020.
Our Luxurious Home and Body Care Products are all handmade of the finest fragrances and highest quality ingredients that are also mainly organic and chemical free. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals.
Our Collection has been inspired by Ayurveda and its 5 elements.
Ayurveda comes from India and it is why we decided to name our products in Sanskrit ; Akash and Akasha for Space, Vayu and Anila for Air, Teja and Agni for Fire, Prithvi and Bhumi for Earth and Jala  and Apas for Water.
Ayurveda considers that all of the 5 elements have to be balanced in your body to live in harmony and to be healthy.
Our Products have been created to Balance your Energy in order to live in Harmony.
FIVELEMENTS Collection, Your Home,  Your Body, Your Sanctuary