AKASH represents the Space element from an ancient Indian philosophy called Ayurveda. AKASH actually means Space in Sanskrit. Read more about our philosophy to learn about Ayurveda.


All of our scents have been designed to enhance the senses with at least one ingredient relating to an element. In the AKASH Body Mist, Space is represented by the Persian rose fragrance.


Our AKASH Body Mist will make you escape in the floral smell of Persian rose.


Our Body Mists are infused with crystals and these crystals have healing properties which could help you to balance your center of energy called chakras and doshas.


Using Clear quartz which is related to the Space element is great if you want to:


Raise and regulates your energy,

Release distractions and brings spiritual peace into your life,

Increase your clarity of thought,

Unlock past life memories,

Improve your meditation,

Stimulate your immune system


Our goal is to make you feel good, relaxed and healthy, balancing your energy/body/mind/soul thanks to our sumptuous scents and healing crystals.




Distilled water, crystals, witch hazel, alcohol,  fragrances.


AKASH Body Mist